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Additional Services

Skin Analysis At Affiliated Dermatologists, S.C. and The Skin and Laser Center, we take pride in providing our patients with only the most advanced and comprehensive skin care available. We desire to help you look and feel your best and have the skill and technologies necessary to help you achieve younger, beautiful looking skin.

We offer the latest in skin complexion analysis technology, which allows us to thoroughly evaluate skin conditions and provides us with a visual foundation for determining the best course of treatment for each patient's case. This revolutionary digital imaging technology thoroughly documents and evaluates the pores, wrinkles, texture and pigmentation of your skin. With both standard images and ultraviolet images recorded, we are able to measure any underlying sun damage below the surface of the skin as well as surface skin conditions, giving us an inside look at your skin.

Your doctor will work with you individually to create a personalized treatment plan that is best for you. Based on the results for your skin complexion analysis and comparing it to others of your age and skin type, we are able to recommend the best treatment option for your skin that will deliver optimum results.

Make-Up Consultations

As trained dermatologists, our doctors have received advanced education and training in the treatment of skin, nails and hair, which allows them to effectively treat many skin-related conditions. With this expertise, they are also able to help you choose the best make-up for your type of skin. Our doctors are experts in the field of anti-aging and beauty.

We will work with you individually to choose a personalized make-up combination to meet your specific needs and desires. We pride ourselves in providing the best, most current cosmetics available to help you look and feel your very best!

Though it may sound obvious, always remember to keep your skin clean. This means not only washing your face with a gentle cleanser regularly, but little things you may not think about during the day. For example, your hands are one of the oiliest parts of your body – touching your face repeatedly spreads not only those oils, but the dirt that accumulates on your hands as well.

Avoid excessive exfoliation and moisturizing. While moderate exfoliating can clear your skin of old, dead cells, over-exfoliation can acidify and irritate your skin. Likewise, rationed applications of moisturizer are good for skin, but over-moisturizing can clog pores and make your skin oily.

When at all possible, try to keep your skin care regimen consistent. Cosmetic products, lotions and cleansers – even all-natural ones – can have dozens of ingredients, any of which could be potential allergens. Regularly and frequently changing these products out increases your chances of irritating, inflaming or shocking your skin.